Possible Change to Speed Limit on the Golden Gate Bridge…For Bikes!

It looks like one of the world’s most iconic landmarks needs to implement some safety rules. The westbound sidewalk of the Golden Gate Bridge has been and will continue to be closed through September for retrofitting work and this has naturally caused an increase in traffic on the eastbound sidewalk. Bicyclists and pedestrians share this walkway and it has lead to collisions and injuries.

Tourists take leisurely strolls down the span of the bridge, stopping to taken in the picturesque views of the Bay. Sometimes, tourists might stop and pose for a photo. Some bicyclists use the Bridge as a commuter route, others are tourists who might be unfamiliar with the rules on the Bridge walkways. This formula of having experienced cyclists, novice tourist cyclists, and pedestrians creates circumstances that could lead to accidents resulting in anything from a minor scratch to a severe injury.

SF Gate reports that the governing body of the Bridge (the Bridge District) is considering a 15 mile per hour speed limit for cyclists, which is reduced to 5 miles per hour when they are passing pedestrians. Before making any final decisions, the Bridge District is going to allow bicycling advocacy groups to provide their input on this issue.

Although a speed limit would aim to reduce pedestrian-cyclist collisions on the bridge, we can’t depend on this for our own safety. The first step is to pay extra careful attention to things around you. You don’t want to miss hearing a cyclist notifying you that he’s passing you up on the left. Paying extra careful attention might also help you keep an eye out for children that might run into your bike path. With the increased traffic on the Bridge walkway, a speed limit for bicycles certainly helps reduce the possibility of severe collisions, but we can take precautionary and proactive steps to ensure our safety as well.


For more, click here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/bicycle/detail?entry_id=91624