Removing Crosswalks: A Solution to a Dangerous Intersection

The city of Santa Rosa has found a solution to the dangerous conditions at two intersections: (1) 3rd Street and Cijos Street and (2) 3rdStreet and Brooks Street.  They plan to remove the crosswalks to alleviate the situation.

The crosswalks are uncontrolled so the pedestrians must cross without any assistance from stoplights or cautionary signals. On this 3-lane one-way road, some drivers yield to pedestrians while others do not. This leaves pedestrians to react to what drivers do. The danger arises when a pedestrian steps off the curb because one car stops for them, and then is stranded waiting for other cars to stop. Drivers have complained to the city that it is difficult to see pedestrians.


For pedestrians, there is understandable angst. It is best to act with as much caution as possible. Pedestrians should not step off the curb assuming cars will stop for them. This bit of advice holds true not only in uncontrolled intersections, but ones with traffic signals and lights also.


The best course of action for drivers is to slow down at these uncontrolled crosswalks and to look for pedestrians. Also, when other cars slow down or come to a stop at the crosswalk, it is a good indication that a pedestrian may be crossing.


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