City Bus Negligence

In a case against the city of San Francisco, we recovered $1,600,000 in medical bills and $1,500,000 in cash damages (for a total settlement of $3,100,000) on behalf of our plaintiff, an 83 year old male, who was struck by a MUNI bus and suffered catastrophic injury to his legs. The San Francisco police report indicated that the elderly man walked against the red light, giving the bus driver no time to either take evasive maneuvers or avoid the impact with the pedestrian. The San Francisco Police Department found no fault with the driver.
We were able to collect significant evidence beyond what the SFPD discovered to help prove significant bus driver negligence and that the City and County of San Francisco knew the intersection of Geary and Fillmore Streets was in a dangerous condition at the time of the accident.
Our client was a non-English speaking Russian immigrant who had no dependants or others who relied upon him for sustenance or support.