Trio of Wrongful Deaths

In a wrongful death case based on elder abuse, our client’s loved one was an elderly female suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia who wandered from her assisted living facility through a broken gate, unattended and without supervision. She eventually fell, sustaining facial and elbow fractures, and died after acquiring aspiration pneumonia.
Our investigation revealed patterns of poor training for employees, habitual understaffing, and a methodical and willful suppression of evidence wherein the defendants systematically and purposefully failed to document or report “reportable incidents” to the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Department.
We proved that this was done to purposefully and willfully to conceal evidence of injuries and elopements by residents as a consequence of ineffective management, understaffing, inadequate training, and poor maintenance of the elder care facility.
Our case resulted in the defendant facility paying $1,000,000 to settle three wrongful death claims.