Voters Pass Bond Measure To Repair SF Streets

On November 8th, San Franciscans passed a bond measure to repair the streets of San Francisco. The bond measure will inject $248 million to repair both streets and sidewalks throughout the city.


According to an article in the SF Examiner, “The $248 million bond measure includes $148 million for street repaving, $50 million for pedestrian and bike safety enhancements, $20 million to improve Muni’s traffic signal infrastructure and $22 million in disability access upgrades.” (For more on the article, click here.)

Ideally, this will mean safer means of travel for everyone. Sidewalks repair and safety enhancements will mean better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Surface repaving of streets will remove pothole dangers that can cause accidents. Hopefully, the improvements to Muni will mean safer conditions for its passengers and everyone that shares the road with Muni.

While it seems like a hefty price tag, it looks like the bond measure will put the money to good use and create a safer San Francisco for us all.


Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: